Another ‘First’ in Sri Lanka – Nail art rings by Vogue Jewellers.

Another ‘First’ in Sri Lanka – Nail art rings by Vogue Jewellers.

Vogue Gold Nail Art Rings bring you a totally novel way of dressing up with the added advantage of lasting value. Taking currently popular nail art to a whole new level, Sri Lanka’s Master Jeweller, Vogue Jewellers has introduced Nail Art Rings for the fashion conscious, seeking lasting value.

Each item of this exclusive Nail Art Ring collection offered by Vogue has a sleek, shimmering gold Nail Art decorated with a miniature design. The Nail Art is fastened with a gold band that goes round the finger while two very fine chains hold it securely to a dainty ring. These are made using finest quality 18 karat Rose Gold and decorated with Diamonds. The gorgeous little designs are created in a way that they can be matched with numerous styles and practically, with every colour.

In order to ensure a perfect fit, Vogue Jewellers undertakes customization of these rings. The professional Customer Service Team at Vogue showrooms is dedicated to assist you with customization of these Nail Art Rings to suit your specific needs. So, you need not worry whether you got long fingers or if you are thinking of gifting a Nail Art Ring to another, Vogue Jewellers will ensure that each one will have the perfect fit.

As with any other Vogue Jewellers’ piece of jewellery, these items are also handcrafted using finest quality raw material and exquisitely created by the master craftsmen. A great deal of perfection goes into creating them. Each and every item is thoroughly scrutinized by an eminent panel of professionals possessing long-standing experience.

Vogue, the world’s first jewellery manufacturer to be ISO 9001: 2015 certified offers a lifetime guarantee for each item of jewellery that is brought to you. Further, several payment options – including 24 month 0% interest installment plan – are available to ensure affordability and flexibility to the customers.

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